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The Glitter Bar is a fresh and energetic cosmetic company offering premium glitter cosmetics.

    Glitter is fast becoming the popular makeup choice for everyone from dance performers to those going out for a ‘night on the town’. You too can look like your favorite performers from ‘Dancing with the stars’ and ‘American Idol’.

    The Glitter Bar offers 30 distinctive polyester cosmetic glitter eyeliner colors. When properly applied with our Simple Syrup adhesive, it will create a fabulous eyeliner to be worn at the office for a subtle shimmer appearance or into the night for a dramatic makeover.

    Our Simple Syrup base and glitter products were created specifically for sensitive skin & contact lens wearers in mind. To remove the glitter, simply wash with soap and water. Our simple syrup does not contain formaldehyde, dyes, fragrances, proteins, lanolin, or paraben which are all common skin irritants.
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